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TV Series Tracker

Never forget an episode again! TV Series Tracker keeps track of which episodes you have not yet seen, which episodes are coming out next and when!

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The shows you are most behind on are shown first: 4 means there are four aired episodes that you have not yet watched. The shows that you are up-to-date on are listed in order of next air date, so you know what's coming out next. There's even a search bar at the top in case you have heaps of shows.
All of the background information is gratefully provided by the awesome If you are passionate about the information provided, we encourage you to join up and contribute.

Timezones can be set for each TV show. Newly added shows use the default, but you can change the timezone of a particular show by pressing the clock icon in the show's landing page.

You can change the default timezone by pressing the gear icon on the main screen to get to the timezone settings.